Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Summer Updating...

Once again, it has been forever since we've posted. I must give credit to Preston...he has been the driving force of our blogging. Most posts have been done by him because I am struggling to get into this blog thing. So here I am...posting away :)

Our summer has been incredibly busy, but one of the best summers of our almost 2 year marriage! As seen in our previous post, we graduated from college! We are both very blessed to have jobs here in the valley: Preston is the Assistant Financial Controller at S&S Worldwide, and I am the Marketing Research Assistant at Juniper Systems, Inc. We're getting used to the business world, and we're excited not to return back to school in the fall. Since then, we've gone to Lake Powell, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Bear Lake, Island Park (with lots of little camping trips in between) and attempted to buy a house. Not too successful on that one, but we trust that there is a home out there waiting for us.

Our blog is a reason for us to start taking more pictures, something we haven't been too good at. So here are a few pictures from the summer so far.

A game of beach volleyball at Bear Lake for the Gines Family Reunion

Hiking up Willard Peak with Bre & Jake and other S&S employees.

We climbed through that hole behind us to get to the top! Quite the adventure!

Ogden Raptors Baseball Game

Camping up Franklin Basin on the 24th of July.

The Tetons...a quick stop on our way home from Yellowstone.