Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Prepare Yourself...

Prepare for a picture overload from the last month.

Our two year anniversary was at the start of September. Our gift to each other was a new camera so hopefully out pictures are a higher quality from now on. We went to SLC for a Bees game and shopping in Park City. We stole peanuts from Five Guys Burgers and Fries for the game.

Devin and Liz Daniels are officially gone to Arizona. Before they left we went to The Owl for dinner and a great truck derby.

Go Aggies??? We went down to BYU to watch the Aggies get their tails kicked with the Bangerter Family, Dave, and Nicole. There are more pictures but most of the time someone was looking away so this is what we have.

We both had a week of vacation to use so we booked a cruise to the Mexican Riviera for the start of October. It was such a great break from work and so much fun to do and see a lot of things we have not experienced before. We luckily had great weather up until the last day at sea and the water was much warmer than we expected. Below are pictures of our ship, a hobycat sailboat we hired, "Divorce Beach", and our dinner group.

Natalie will probably kill me when she sees this but I am proud of her. Yesterday she sent me the fruits of a photo op she had with her company. She is all over their marketing campaign for their new product which is pretty cool if you ask me.